Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mossy beauty

 When the days started to turn cold last October,
I re-purposed an 13"X20" plexiglass drink tray to make a moss garden.
It invites my reflection and a closer look at nature.

Once in a while I pull out my camera phone to capture
the microcosm that lives on my desk.
Today the mosses rest, quiet and calming.

Sometimes it looks like a forest in miniature.
I see fallen logs, stream beds, undergrowth, and loam.

The moss garden needs misting each day
or it dies back.

If I leave for a few days, it looks pitiful. 
The baby tears that sowed themselves among the moss disappear
and the lush mosses turn dry and brown.

Within a few days of misting, the green and greys
spring to life and the baby tears reappear.

I wonder some times at how big and small worlds collide.
A life here, a community there, and global humanity everywhere.
The same creative thumbprint of our Creator connects us all.

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