Monday, January 21, 2013

Apartment Therapy weekend challenge

Apartment Therapy does a "January Cure" guaranteed to whip the house into better shape. One of the weekend assignments was more pleasant than washing floors or cupboard doors.

The task? Buy fresh flowers, arrange them. and enjoy.

I headed to Trader Joes, picked up 3 miscellaneous assortments
@$3.99 each. (Eat your heart out, New Yorkers!)

Then I pulled out an oval crystal vase that has sentimental meaning
(gift from my "best" uncle and aunt.) I poked the flowers into a
Japanese floral frog (weighted spikes) and quenched the 
thirsty bouquet with water.

I love the mix of pinks, orange, and red berries.
The chartreuse mums contrast nicely with the deeper greens.

It's beautiful from all sides, 
whether in my living room (above) or dining room (below).

Thank God for flowers in all their glorious dress, 
for eyes to see their colors and shapes, 
and hearts to appreciate their beauty!

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