Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Flow or flip?

Here's another piece of art that can go either way: "The Flow," acrylic 26"X36", 2017.

First, I hung it vertically in a little guest kitchen.

In its new space, it hangs as first intended, horizontally above a guest bed.

What's your preference?

Friday, May 4, 2018

Imagine - with a blank space

This is what happened to our basement. Paint it white, I said, and put in lots of lights.

"But you'll go blind with this much light," said our friend, the electrician.

I don't think so. Though it was very white when we finished painting and turned the lights on.

Place a carpet and the whole thing cools down = a fresh welcoming space.

Dim the lights and you've got a romantic lounge.

At Christmas or Valentines, red slipcovers to change the look completely.

All you need is imagination - and a 3'X6' white table to ground the decor (Craigslist find @$100 - from the Coach store.)

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Flip flop

Which do you prefer?
"bird on water"
a waterfall background

or "listening to the birds"?
2 people sitting and leaning in

Face to face

I like to doodle faces. Here are two sketches in pastels from my "5-minute" notebook.

Both were done while reaching over other books that I was "supposed to be reading." I didn't pick them up until I was almost done.

They're not symmetrical or polished but they are snaps of personality from I meet on the street.

The first is done in full sunlight.
Wide open color play

The second was done in the first tenuous appearance of early morning light.

House party

It starts as watercolor smears on a postcard

Then I add a few blocks of color and a few lines to see what it might look like. Nope, I already don't like some of this. So I let it sit for a few weeks.

When I pull it out, it's still "nothing." I wonder if I can redefine it with ink. As I'm editing someone's academic paper, I grab a black gel pen and scribble in a few ink lines.

I definitely like it better but it feels off balance. A few more strokes in the foreground - I don't have my reading glasses and am paying hardly any attention as I scratch in the lines. I set it aside again.

I think I'm done. Once it's in a frame, atop a buff art paper, I love it and put it in my office to inspire me to quick, intuitive artistic work between the detailed attention required of me as an editor.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Oh grow up.

thinking about growing - in studies, friendships, skills - in a 2-minute free for all:

Or playing with watercolors on an art paper postcard:
Start with a few water marks and scribbles
And a few more color washes to see what could happen.

Put in some marker lines ...
And before you know it, you have a view.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A half-week of words and edits

Teaching is energizing
and tiring.

Editing teaches
but it also drains.

Quick sketches
capture it all.