Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gone wall-crazy

When we moved into the house 18 years ago, 
our bathroom needed detailing. 
The fixtures were current, the mood neutral.
The walls were a plain golden white or "French brie,"
according to the descriptive label on the paint can.

The Schumacher motiv that started
it all: reinterpreted at 3' tall

Within a week, in the confluence of ideas that is typical for artists, 
I saw a wallpaper ad by Schumacher 
and the dotted photos in Barbara Milo Ohrbach's book, "Simply Flowers." 

I suddenly knew what I wanted on the walls.
I bought a few metallic gold markers and went to work.

Ohrbach's inspiration

 Each time I went near the bathroom, I would "dot" the walls.
 I estimate that it took 50-60 hours to complete.

  Some bouquets were simple.


Some were more complex.


The one beside the toilet grew into a 5' monster,
which I dislike to this day.
I remember walking outside to eye the concrete planter
for a model to contain the ebullient cabbage roses and vines.


I found a terra cotta uplight among our building supplies.
W painted it to match the room
before I dotted flowers on it
and "X"'d a ribbon on its edge.

Though I've thought about changing the decor on the walls,
the flowers have stayed.
It feels classic and timeless.


Peeking out from behind bathrobes white towels,
or twirling around the door and over the 3-way mirror,
the wall design is neither garish nor loud.
The subtle gold on yellow-white walls is soothing.
Spa-like, even.

The view keeps the eye moving and interested,
even after nearly two decades.


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