Tuesday, September 15, 2015

From a distant land

I enrolled in an art print exchange months ago. Now it's due. I make 12 prints, related by theme and color. The general idea is "News from a Distant Land." I have language school in mind.

The exchange asks for 11 prints. They keep one. They send 10 to other artists. And I'll get 10 prints from all over the world. I'm always optimistic and usually disappointed by what comes back. Oh well. At least the deadline forces me to take out brushes and paint, paper and imagination. I play.

First I paint eyes and a nose. And then the serious work begins. On the back, an explanation of the balancing act of learning a new language.

A few of the prints below: I kept the middle one.

The Golden Mean

The balance and chaos
of learning a new language.
Knowing is golden
but not straightforward.
Letters floating.
Eyes watching.
Gradually flowering.

And I think I love most the paper left over from printing. I tape it inside an 22" frame - an unexpected pleasure ... until I find artwork I like better.

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